MJ Hall, with a record of 3-104-2, has made quite a name for himself in the boxing world as a journeyman. Despite his unconventional career path and unique role within the sport, he’s managed to carve out a successful living.

So what exactly does it mean to be a journeyman? In boxing terms, it refers to an experienced competitor who has many fights under their belt but typically falls short of winning major titles. They’re often brought into matches against up-and-comers or established fighters looking for tune-up bouts before big fights.

Hall is no stranger to this role and embraces its importance within the sport. He believes that being called upon as an opponent provides him with opportunities not only to display his skills but also contribute significantly towards shaping future champions in boxing 🥊

However, there’s one thing that irks Hall – being referred to as “MJ”. While some might find it endearing or convenient shorthand derived from his initials; Hall sees things differently. To him, such casual nicknames can detract from the seriousness of his profession and undermine recognition of his hard work and dedication.

It may seem like just semantics on surface level but delve deeper and you’ll see why Hall prefers using full names rather than abbreviations or monikers when addressing boxers. It’s about respect – something every boxer deserves after stepping into ring regardless whether they’re journeymen like him or global superstars commanding millions per fight.

In conclusion then – MJ Hall: A proud journeyman who plays vital roles behind scenes yet hates nickname “MJ”. His story serves reminder that every player matters in this brutal yet beautiful game called Boxing!