Mayweather won the Fighter of the Year title from The Ring magazine twice, the BWAA Fighter of the Year title three times, and the Best Fighter ESPY Honor six times before being crowned “Fighter of the Decade” for the 2010s by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA). He is considered the best boxer of all time, pound for pound, according to BoxRec as of May 2021. One of the most successful pay-per-view draws in history, regardless of the sport, is Mayweather. He was the highest-paid athlete in the world according to the lists of the 50 highest-paid athletes published by Forbes and Sports Illustrated in 2012 and 2013, as well as by Forbes again in 2014 and 2015.

Floyd Mayweather has officially revealed his top five fighters of all time, surpassing Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest fighters of all time. Clearly, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has dubbed himself the absolute best, with his name ahead of everyone else in his rankings. In perhaps his most significant and dumbest boast, Floyd Mayweather declared himself the greatest fighter of all time, ahead of Roberto Duran, Pernell Whitaker, Julio Cesar Cha Wes and Muhammad Ali. Floyd Mayweather boasts an unbeaten 50-0 boxing record, and a decision that surprises no one is the self-proclaimed TBE (Best Ever) taking the top spot. Mayweather can be considered the best all-around boxer since Leonard.

It’s easier to argue that Mayweather is in the top 10 fighters of all time than to discuss him outside of the top 25. While this analysis may not make Mayweather the best overall, there are good reasons to consider him the best boxer since Sugar Ray. None of this gives Mayweather the right to make outrageous claims that he is better than Robinson, Ali, Leonard or, if need be, Duran. Mayweather Jr. is the most brilliant boxer in history because he led his professional career in the best possible way, finishing with a 50-0 record, surpassing Rocky Marciano’s record.

In three weight classes, the best Mayweather beat was Diego Corrales, who was an outstanding fighter but not the greatest fighter of all time. The number one beat Juan Manuel Marquez, and Marquez is a great fighter, but it was his first fight at welterweight, and Mayweather went overweight to gain even more advantages. Floyd didn’t beat the greats of all time in their prime, and at 154 pounds, he avoided guys like Antonio Margarito and Paul Williams, so if you really believe Floyd is the greatest player of all time, you probably also think that Tyson could beat Ali.