Mikkel Kessler, the former super middleweight champion, has expressed his desire to see a match between Canelo Alvarez and Chris Eubank Jr. 🥊

Kessler, known for his prowess in the boxing ring, is eager to see how this potential fight would unfold. The anticipation among boxing enthusiasts is palpable, with many agreeing that a face-off between Alvarez and Eubank Jr. would be a sight to behold.

Canelo Alvarez, a multiple world champion in four weight classes, is widely regarded as one of the best active boxers in the world. His aggressive fighting style, combined with his excellent punching power, has earned him a reputation as a formidable opponent.

On the other hand, Chris Eubank Jr., son of former middleweight and super-middleweight champion Chris Eubank, has made a name for himself in his own right. His speed, agility, and tactical approach to boxing have seen him win numerous bouts, securing his place as a serious contender in the sport.

Kessler’s call for this match-up isn’t surprising. Both Alvarez and Eubank Jr. are at the top of their game, and a fight between them would undoubtedly be a high-stakes, thrilling event. Boxing fans across the globe would be glued to their screens, eager to see who would emerge victorious.

It’s interesting to note that Kessler’s interest in this potential bout doesn’t just stem from his love for the sport. He seems to believe that a fight between these two titans of boxing would push each of them to their limits, resulting in a match that would be remembered for years to come.

However, as exciting as this proposition may be, it’s important to remember that as of now, it remains just that – a proposition. Whether or not we’ll get to see Alvarez and Eubank Jr. face off in the ring is still up in the air.

Nonetheless, the mere idea of such a fight has already sparked excitement and speculation among boxing fans. Debates over who would win, discussions about their respective strengths and weaknesses, and predictions about the possible outcome are already taking place.

In conclusion, while we wait to see if this dream match will become a reality, one thing is certain: the prospect of a fight between Canelo Alvarez and Chris Eubank Jr. has captured the imagination of boxing enthusiasts everywhere. And if it does happen, it promises to be a spectacle worth watching.