Mike Tyson is arguably one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. When Tyson was at his peak, he had one of the most vicious knockouts in boxing history, and even now, the 55-year-old long-retired Iron Mike remains one of the most popular fighters today. Nicknamed “Iron Mike” and “Dynamite Baby” early in his career and later dubbed “The Worst Man on Earth”, Tyson is considered the greatest of all time, One of the heavyweight boxers.

Only one man is arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, and he was well known for his viciousness. Tyson may be the most controversial boxer, but he is one of the most loved sports. Tyson wasn’t famous yet, but Tyson was famous in upstate New York and even better than most other places. Hector Mercedes’ record at Tyson’s first fight was 0-2-1 and was typical of Tyson’s first opponents.

Muhammad Ali defeated the formidable Sonny Liston, shocking the boxing crowd, and later in his career defeated the undefeated George Foreman. Muhammad Ali had a 56-5 record with wins over boxing greats like George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Sonny Liston. Joe Frazier only lost to two fighters, Muhammad Ali and the undefeated George Foreman. If you were to interview boxing fans and ask them which all-time boxing match they would most like to see, the best part of those fans would probably answer Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson. Even Muhammad Ali, who has always called himself the greatest, believes that Mike Tyson will ultimately be better than anyone who has ever worn boxing gloves. Muhammad Ali was the first to be adored by Tyson.

Mike Tyson would be called by some the greatest heavyweight champion due to his strength and boxing dominance. At 20, he set records that amazed many and looked invincible. When people think of Mike Tyson, they think of strength, speed, defence and combinations. Some fans insist that Mike Tyson was arguably the most dangerous, if not the greatest, heavyweight champion in history

While Roy Jones Jr is arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time, the massive interest in fight announcements is mainly due to the return of Mike Tyson to the ring. Add in the intensity that Tyson put into every fight (as soon as he stepped into the ring, he looked at his opponent like a beast looks at his prey…), and you have the most exciting boxer of all time. Tyson’s first televised fight ended at 91 seconds when Tyson knocked out Michael Spinks in the first round; many consider this to be the pinnacle of Tyson’s fame and boxing prowess. After repeatedly admonishing heavyweight worker Jesse Ferguson to obey his boxing commands, the referee finally stopped Tyson’s first televised fight in the middle of the sixth round.

Even though very few fighters practice it successfully, I think “Peek a boo” is the most effective and spectacular style of boxing ever invented, and Mike Tyson is the best exponent of it.