After being caught flush with a left hook by Mexican star Mario Aguilar, a boxing referee displayed his world-class granite chin.

According to The Sun, Aguilar was fighting for the vacant WBO Global title against unbeaten cruiserweight contender Brandon Glanton.

As a heavy underdog, the 31-year-old was trying to drop enormous bombs in his effort to produce an upset.

And he landed a fantastic shot that he would have dreamed about if it hadn’t collided with the referee. (yes this is actual boxing news!)

However, after initially tripping backwards in a video uploaded on Twitter, the official casually shrugged it off.

He then went back to work, separating Aguilar and Glanton after the latter was placed in a headlock.

The fight didn’t last long after that, as Glanton won his 17th consecutive fight by knocking out his opponent in the second round with a left hook to the body.

The referee’s steely jaw, however, became the boxing scene to be talked about.

Watch the video here!

Replying to the video, boxing promoter Loui DiBella tweeted: “This actually happened tonight. Best punch of the round lands flush on the ref.”

Another commented: “He took that well.”

Meanwhile one joked: “What the clip doesn’t show is the ref coming back with a steel chair.”

Referees being accidentally punched isn’t uncommon inside the squared circle, with a female official showing her toughness after being hit during a heavyweight contest in the Commonwealth Games.

Though Mexican referee Jesus Granados had to leave the ring on a stretcher in April after he was struck by Irvin Turrubiartes.

AnEson Gib wins Social Gloves boxing fight

A head injury delayed the scheduled boxing fight between Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib for several months. From July to September, the YouTubers waited for their moment to face each another in the ring. When they finally did, they didn’t disappoint.

McBroom knocked AnEson Gib down in the opening round, but he stormed back. He got two knockdowns in the third round and three in the fourth. The final knockdown forced McBroom out of the ring, just like Nick Young did earlier in the night against Minikon.

Referee Jack Reiss was quite fair in giving McBroom a chance to win the fight, but it was all for nought.

This was a retaliation bout for AnEsonGib, who believed McBroom and Social Gloves cheated him out of a win over Tayler Holder at the inaugural event. AnEsonGib has received his just desserts.

Up next for AnEsonGib is a potential date with destiny against KSI, who recently beat two opponents in one night and called out the winner of Saturday’s fight.

Jake and Logan Paul, two men who are familiar with AnEsonGib, congratulated him on the win.