Caleb Plant’s life was falling into shape.

Plant believed it was his destiny to become the first super middleweight champion of all time long before the Nashville, Tennessee native proclaimed his intention to become a world champion, and long before the 29-year-old turned professional in 2014.

Plant put a checkmark next to his first goal following his 2019 triumph over Jose Uzcategui, as he successfully hoisted Uzcategui’s world crown.

Plant was overjoyed as he sat back and watched Canelo Alvarez perform all the tough lifting, with the rest of his fellow champions dispersed across the globe.

Caleb Plant desperately wants to fight Canelo Alvarez again, and he’s willing to put in the effort.

In November 2021, ‘Sweethands’ first met the Mexican celebrity. The build-up to the battle was fierce, with the two famously brawling months before the fight at a pre-fight press conference.

Plant was a huge underdog heading into the fight, but he proved his mettle once inside the ring.

Plant’s jab and quick hands dominated the early rounds of the fight. The Mexican, on the other hand, wore him down during the course of the competition.

The fight ended in the 11th session as Alvarez clinched the victory with two knockdowns.

Plant plans to return to the ring later this year for his first fight after the loss. He stated in an interview with Tha Boxing Voice that he would like to face Alvarez again in the future.

Plant stated that he wants to earn a rematch and that he will fight anyone to make it happen.

“I want my rematch with Canelo,” said Plant on Thaboxingvoice. “If I need to beat every other top super middleweight in the division to get my rematch then that’s what I’m willing to do.”

The first stop on Plant’s road to redemption appears to be a clash with fellow former titlist Anthony Dirrell.

Both parties are currently engaged in heated negotiations, with all indications heading to a showdown within the next several months.

Should Plant win, he is fully aware that one triumph will not be enough to attract Alvarez’s attention. Plant feels that in the end, he’ll need to take down far greater names in the category. David Benavidez, in particular.

Benavidez has been obstructing Plant’s path for a number of years. While the former champion’s ultimate ambition is to face Alvarez again, he concedes that a rematch with Benavidez is a possibility.

“That’s a fight that I want and that’s a fight that I been wanting.”